David and Goliath

1 Dec

I thought you were perfect, thought you were everything
Now all I see you as is a muse to write amazing poetry
It hurt the first time I watched you walk away
Now I realize that it was my pride not my heart asking you to stay
Over and over again I bent so low just to feel you walk over me out of my door
I look at myself now with disgust in my eyes
As I laugh and ask what I saw in that guy
You tried to make me so small and plant me under your feet
I wonder if the whole time you knew you were in my game and it was all irrelevant to me
Doesn’t matter what I say now because my actions gave you the game
Let you play the winning hand while I played a shameful game
There will never be smiles, never be tears, never be regret, never fear
When I think of you everything will be numb
Because the real way to win with you is to show you that I’m having all the fun
And when your cold and lonely at night right there in your bed
Staring at the ceiling  thoughts of me swarming your head
Just remember you made this story be everything it is everything it turned out to be
I’ll never love you
I’ll never speak your name
I’ll never have a thought of you cross my brain
Every shackle you locked me in I managed to break free
Finally realized this is the David and Goliath  of you and me
Your the giant and even though you made me feel so small
I manage to kill the giant and now I feel as though I’m standing 100 feet tall.


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