HELLO Canada

7 Nov

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

I have decided that I am moving to Canada! I have never visited Canada only seen pictures, but all of the guys are hotter, the health care is better, and the scenery is beautiful! I don’t know what part of Canada I want to move to ( I am taking major suggestions) and open to trying out new places and new things. I only have a year and a half left of school and I am praying that time flies by and I will have enough money to settle in comfortably, that I will be able to find a job or hopefully even have a steady revenue coming in from my fashion designs by the time I decide to move! My plan is to be moving between the summer and fall of 2012. I know that it will be a lot different then what I am use to but I also know that I would be very happy living there. It seems as though this move will probably be the smartest thing that I could do! I need to find out about immigrating to Canada and what papers I will need (if you know the answer to this question I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what it is that I need). I am on my way to living an amazing life and just sitting around waiting for it to happen is not going to get me any where so I feel the need to take charge! Good bye California HELLO Canada!


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