Sometimes You Just Need Some Change

1 Nov

Being a creator of habit it is very rarely that I change, however in the past year I have been learning major things about myself that I didn’t know and making some changes.

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I learned that I love baseball and that my favorite team is the Giants (I decided this after watching my first game ever), I learned that while I will stay loyal to the Saints as I have for years I REALLY REALLY love Tom Brady and the Patriots, and that I also love the Colts and Giants too! I learned that I think rock n’ roll is more awesome then r&b and rap, and that my favorite groups are All Time Low and Fall Out Boy, I learned that although green is my favorite color I don’t like all greens, I learned that I like to design wedding dresses more then I like to design any other garment, that my left leg is noticeably longer then the right, that I like my hair longer then shorter, that I like grey eyes more then brown, that while I like black guys I love white guys (although I’ve never dated a white guy but I definitely would!), I learned that cranberry juice is my favorite juice (although I still really love apple), that I really dislike beef and any meat other then turkey (except I like regular bacon over turkey bacon because it’s gross), I learned that I love to draw,  I learned that I want to marry a successful business man, that I don’t like to go to clubs or parties, but I like bars, I learned that I really only wanted braces because other people would tell be subtle things they noticed about my smile but thankfully I learned that I happen to LOVE my smile!, I learned that It really irritates me to eat things that make a crunching sound, I learned that one of my MAJOR pet peeves is for someone to talk while I am trying to watch a movie especially when I am really into it. That drives me nuts!, I’ve learned that I love to read books with substance and meaning over anything else, I learned that one of my favorite places to hang out is the library, that I want to go on a road trip across the country, and a trip across the world, that I like dark blue gatorade over light blue, that I only like pepperoni pizza, that I like guys who wear black socks opposed to white, that I really really hate alcohol, I learned that I probably want to settle down and start a family some where out of California, that I want to visit Seattle Washington because I really love the rain, I learned that it is really hard to stay focused on the things of the Lord but I will really really try my best to do so, I learned that I really really am not that into sex and that I just don’t want to have it ever again until the day that I am married, I learned that kissing is something that I just really really don’t like to do especially with tongue, that I love to meet new people and make new friends, I learned that id rather be weirdo on the outside of the box then a normal person stuck on the inside, I learned that while every one around me keeps trying to tell me I’ll need to settle for a guy that my standards really are not that bad and I refuse to settle for any one or anything. I learned that hard works is the key to life and that parents really do know what’s best for you, but most of all I learned that even though I am constantly changing I already know who I am and what kind of woman I am and what kind of woman I want to be. I learned that life is about finding things, finding out who you are first and most important! I have found who I am and I am pretty happy with the person I turned out to be. It was a pretty hectic journey here and although I have made MAJOR mistakes I refuse to dwell on them or beat myself up over it. All I can do is learn from them and continue to make better decisions for myself and for my life, because sometimes you just need some change!


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