In Sports News…. The Good, The Bad, and the Not So Ugly.

1 Nov

Football News

Randy Moss, when is this guy going to learn that a team will always stand by their head coach? Less then a month after almost begging ti be traded Moss is waived by the losing Vikings, I mean is Moss upset because they lost? WHAT DID HE THINK WAS GONNA HAPPEN? Did he really think they would be a winning team, and that every thing with the head coach was going to always be peachy keen? Any way Moss has been picked up by the Giants and I hope that if he has an attitude that Eli takes that feisty attitude and punches him in the face!

In other news after not having it so easy in the big easy the Saints beat the Steelers 20-10 in a halloween upset. I thought the Saints would win this one, however to be honest the way the game was going at the start I was surprised they did. Not too much to report on this game though because I chose to watch the Giants @ the Rangers instead.


……. No news here because I don’t watch basketball during football season, really no time but finals… its such a bore to my life now…



Now onto baseball, the new love of my sports life! A few weeks ago I decided to sit down and watch baseball with my dad who loves baseball, and well he was rooting for the Phillies so I said mhm maybe I’ll like them too. Until I actually started understanding the game and seeing how amazing Buster Posey was as catcher and how awesome Tim Lincecum was at pitching. As time went on I became rather fond of the whole team and now I am proud to say I am a San Fransico Giants fan! Today is game 5 of the world series and there will be a rematch of game one where Lincecum and Lee will face off at the mound. I have the confidence that the Giants will win today, however if they don’t that only means that I get to watch another awesome game of baseball. After finding this new love, I honestly can’t wait for spring!!!


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