Military Veterans and Active Soldiers

28 Oct

Where else would I begin this blog post other then to say thank you to every one who has served and is currently serving in the military!  There is not a lot of help out there for veterans once they come home from our war and it is a sad day when a person who has put their life on the line for this country (whether you agree or disagree with this war does NOT matter!) has to come home and be homeless, or not have health insurance! A military vet should NEVER have to live on the street or pay a medical bill for the rest of their life after serving!  There really is not too much I can say other than I an deeply sickened by the fact that we have vets living on the street, sick, and lost that our government can just turn away just because they don’t have programs they fit into. There is so many programs our government has for the dumbest things and people who have literally put their lives on the line for us can’t even get a descent place to lay their head or a free doctors visit, after all had it not been for them serving lets be honest a lot of them wouldn’t need doctor’s visits! My grandfather was a military vet, and a POW (Prisoner of War) and the effects of the vietnam war effected him dearly! I can only imagine what the soldiers coming home from war are going through. I am going to close this blog out early because it is physically making me sick that it wasn’t until out president spoke out about it that out government started getting things moving for these soldiers.  Now that they do have things moving though I wouldn’t be surprised if they half way did it. I just truly hope that for the sake of all of our current vets and those who will one day be vets that they get it together soon!


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