Thankful for all the people God blessed me with

10 Oct

It is so amazing how God can strategically place people in your life that make it just so much better. In the past year between school and just other random events in my life in the past… mhm let’s say 5 years (wow I just realized how long I have known some of my sis’) God has placed a lot of wonderful women, and men in my life that at this point I just don’t want to live without. These people have become part of my extended family and I know that I could tell them absolutely any and every thing without being judged even better I can be open and honest with them and vice versa without any love being lost. I wont just say that it’s friends that I have strong bonds with but God has also made stronger bonds between me and my family as well as added new members to my family that I love just like they were born with the same blood as me, and just like God added some amazing people to my life he has also removed a lot of negative people, negative situations, and negativity all together. This I am 110% grateful for because if those situations would have not been removed and I had stayed in those situations I would honestly be a very very very unhappy and probably unpleasant person altogether. I see life in a different light now with brand-new eyes I know what kind of person I want to be and how I wish to be viewed by others, I know what my goals are and how I want to achieve them, I know who I do and don’t want in my life, and I know what kind of situations I will and will not allot myself to be in or around. Life for me right now is filled with happiness, positive energy, happy and positive people, and love. I wish to keep it that way and I know that if I continue to do what I am supposed to do and follow God that every thing will work out fine. I could make a list of all the loving a positive people who God has added to my life but I hope that through my daily actions they already all know who they all are. I know I don’t say it enough, really ever at all but I love every single one of you I consider all of you a part of my family and I will always be here when you need me to be because you are all ALWAYS there for me!


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