I applaud single parents!

18 Sep

It has really been way too long since I have posted anything on my blog, however I have good reason. I have recently become a single parent lol… (I don’t have any kids though) I do help take care of my nieces though and let me tell you… the 14 hours a day that I do have them is not easy work! I went from not having any kids to having a 3 month old and a 10 year old, while it is hard though I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world. These two girls can make me want to scream, shout, and pull my hair out but some how I find the patience to deal with them. Keeping them has helped me learn patience and self control because I have, well I had very little of both not saying I have a whole lot now but with them I do. I take my hats off to all the single mothers and fathers as well as all the stay home mothers and fathers! Taking care of children is hard work, give me a teenager and I am totally cool, but kids are a whole different ball game!


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