I ♥ You

17 Jul

Did you know that you are exactly everything I dreamed you would be
Even before I knew you would ever cross paths with me
I look at you and it becomes hard for me to breathe
Even though on the surface I seem so at ease
But everything, everything inside spirals out of control when you look into my eyes
And it becomes apparent I’ll never want another guy
I wish that I could lay in your arms and tell you how I feel
But your never around and I’m starting to fear that I imagined you here
How else could I explain my thoughts of perfection manifested in you in every way
You make me smile just by looking at me
And you only make me sad when your not with me
Truthfully you will never be able to spend enough time
You could spend every second of the rest of your life
Still it wouldn’t be enough for me
My heart, my passion, my soul it needs you too deep
And if your confused by my words what I’m trying to say
To put it in the most elegant simplistic way
I love you and there will never be any one more perfect for you then me


One Response to “I ♥ You”

  1. slpmartin July 17, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    A very tender love poem…thanks for sharing it.

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