Late Night and Sore Boobs

9 Jul

It is 3:36 west coast time and I am sitting here wide awake, extremely restless, with a sore right boob. When I say this is an agonizing feeling I’m being modest! Quite frankly this sore boob lead to an agonizing painful side which lead to a sore stomach on top of my allergies acting up. However I don’t want to complain and sound like a cry baby I just wanted to tell someone about my pain. Hopefully nothing is seriously wrong, gonna make a doctor’s appointment soon! Well good morning world, have a great day!


One Response to “Late Night and Sore Boobs”

  1. Jixi Fox July 9, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    ouch…maybe you been doing something you wasnt, or bumped into something. got to take care of yourself.

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