8 Jul

I put the pen to the paper and I smile as I write
With visions of your face in the most flattering sunlight
I see you and my heart skips a beat
I get such a blood rush whenever your near me
Would try to explain how high you make me feel
But I’m not sure where I’m at way up here
Your smile and your tender lips so sweet
I’m so flattered whenever they touch me
Where is forever who really cares
Not even forever is long enough for me
I’m thinking more of an eternity
Maybe to infinity and beyond for you and me
Want to hold you close our hands intertwined
While you tell me how you see your future parallel with mine
I always love the way your eyes smile at me
And the way those light brown curls flow in the wind
Makes me smile to remember them all over again
I take the pen from the paper
As you watch me smiling because your here with me


2 Responses to “Bubbly”

  1. slpmartin July 8, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    A very sweet and gentle love poem…well presented.

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