I Wish

1 Jul

I wish you would take the time to see,
To see me, the way that I am meant to be seen
The way I look underneath it all
Behind the trick mirrors, the glass, and the fog

I wish you would take the time to listen
To listen to the voice
The one deep inside of you
And the one coming out of me

I wish you would trust your heart
Trust it to tell you to do what’s right for you
Because I’ve listen to mine and it says your right for me

I wish we could be, be happy the way we should
But I know your worried about what they would say
Because we’re so different in such an obvious way

I look at you and wish that you were my all
And I wish that you felt the same way about me too
Only I know that I will probably never get those same feelings from you

I wish that things could be simple
Simplicity is key
Its as though I’m trying to put together a rubix cube
But I’m not smart enough to put all the pieces into place


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